About Us

Niki Design & Glass Studio is a manufacturer of architectural custom-made glass that produces a unique line of architectural glass and mirror for a wide variety of applications. Our glasswork is customized based on our clients choice of texture, color, thickness, size, and design. At Niki Glass, we been helping designers and homeowners all across North America, Asia, and Europe with customized glass panels, shower enclosure, sinks, bathtubs and other functional glass art for years. Whether bent, curved, cast, sandblasted, or stained glass our artists combine colors and textures to create glass master pieces that will enhance your walls, rooms, counters and floors in an intriguing and visually exciting style.

At Niki Glass we are not your regular glass company. We are visionary artists in the field of glass and mirror, a pioneer in the textured glass industry. Niki Glass first started in 1976, driven by a unique set of skills and a pure desire in developing and creating outstanding works of art. Niki Glass has built an enterprise in the glass industry that is not easily found anywhere else; combining our innate artistic abilities and glass-working skills with todays technologies. Niki Design and Glass Studio has been creating and manufacturing custom made Glass Sinks in B.C. and Glass Bathtubs in Canada since 1993.

The Vancouver Sun called Niki Glass the artists of the year in their 1995 issue. North Shore News has written about Niki Glass’s skills and techniques countless of times over the years. Niki Glass has been getting attention and recognition from the top names in the media. Our work has been broad casted from the beginning due to our highly artistic techniques and unique glass art. Niki Glass’s designs have created a new horizon in the world of architectural design and techniques on glass and mirror.

Tell us what you envision, and we’ll bring it to life!